Through it all, I will stand

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Poetry


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I know my love,

We dreamed dreams of night and day,

With our greying hair and fading sight,

Sunrise and sunset we hoped to watch,

Oooh ! how our winkled hands we hope to twin.

But then, dreams dreamed sometimes never born

Life have played a tough tide on us,

Beautiful, youthful soul my dearest you have,

But then the body just mud have failed it challenge.

I have seen the pain in your eyes,

the hope gone but life reborn,

And though I may not understand your hate for doctors,

I understand your will to live,


So I will stand by you for always.

Greying forgotten we live for the moment,

Dreams re-dreamed with climbs of youth,

In perfect lovely eyes sunsets we will watch,

Young hands we twin in kissing.

And when our time comes for parting,

I will lock you in my arms by the sea,

Baby I will be jealous you are in a better place,

But then I will know our story was lived unconditionally.

So cry no more my lovely one,

Because I will stand by you through it all.








Flying on Roses

Posted: January 13, 2017 in Poetry

Baby I know you want into my life. You say you found something in me that makes you fly. But you should understand a few things before you jump into this bus of mine. I just hope you will love me for me :^) !

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You see!

In my world, things are always on a roller-coaster,

Sometimes am a rose and other times a thorn.

I know it hard to understand (think) , but I will try explaining.

Sometimes am flying on roses,

but then the effects wear off and I sting

In those days, I sit silently watching the sun grace,

In those moments, please let me just enjoy a read,

If you want to kiss and cuddle, please don’t,

In those days, touch repulses me, my skin love self.

So when am flying, 

Baby hold me tight and whisper lovingly into my ears,

Ooh! baby take up my shaking hands and guide me up the steps,

Please let me lay with you tonight,

Kiss me till my lips are blue,

Baby let me feel you there.

Because am gonna enjoy every single minute my love,

In your arms I will fly without wings,

And if at dawn I want you not.

Please don’t hate me for being me!

At-least for tonight, let our hearts together sing to the heavens



I just want a good boy this christmas

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Poetry


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I have been thinking what gift I want for Xmas this year.

In past days not so long gone,  chocolates, flowers, rings have anointed my table,

I have  loved and been loved, but still not truly loved.

Passions shared and adventures travelled,

Clouds I have climbed and laughter sang till dawn awakes,

But still with tears my soul feels empty. In a beautiful Xmas day loneliness haunts me.

Because this pretty little awesome bad boys never really stay!

If only the gods can send me a good boy this Christmas!

One who loves me JUST enough so I know his mine

In his arms held with care and warmth, sure that he will be there

With his kisses he will adore ME, drowning me in his sweet breath,

Real in his ways, with love that wants me for me.

In his soul mine will find a soulmate.

And then I will know this is Xmas!







Posted: October 24, 2016 in Poetry

The strength of the mind is greater than our body’s might. A strong mind achieves the impossible. Because when the mind says I do, the body has no choice but to obey.



Posted: August 1, 2016 in Poetry

It’s better to speak out your mind for always. You got nothing to loss, don’t mind what people say. You don’t play the same games they play. Let your life be your business, don’t care anymore. Just living


Posted: July 27, 2016 in Poetry

Sometimes the body and the mind can take the storms no more. But, never put out the fire completely. Let the little sparks keep sparkling, they might just ignite the inner fire in you. And the body will have no choice but to burn with energy.


Posted: July 25, 2016 in Poetry

Life is full if uncertainty, every day not promised of the next, a future hoped mostly a wish, of what it brings we can never tell. Uncertainty even in death for our souls last place, of a free better place we hope but, never certain. So I have decide not to deny my body anything it desires, because only these little pleasures make life just a little bit worthwhile.


Posted: July 22, 2016 in Poetry

I have learnt to appreciate the little things of life. To forgive as many times as I am wronged. To smile even to those who don’t deserve it. To love all and keep no grudges in my heart. To take every day as it comes and be glad in it.


Posted: June 29, 2016 in Poetry

I haven’t been around that long. But I have just lived  long enough to learn there is beauty and darkness in everything. Life in death, Joy in sorrow, and thorns in roses.

Second Chances

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Poetry

My heart has been hurt, torn and broken before.

It oozed of  pains and tears of broken promises.

But then I opened my windows and let the sunlight in.

With every touch, he wiped my tears of pain,

With every kiss replacing my shattered promises to new hopes,

With him I now know a man can  love and care for sure.

In his eyes I see certainty and commitment,

In his arms I know am loved.

I know know a man can be good.

And a second chance is well deserved.