The Power of Laughter

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Written by Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate

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“Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.” ~Unknown 1900 BC

The worlds oldest recorded joke dates back to 1900 BC. This joke proves that toilet humor has been around for a very long time along with mankind’s need to laugh. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the serious side of life. We have 24 hour news stations, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other forms of social media that can overload the senses. In today’s stress filled society, finding humor in life and learning to laugh at ourselves is important. Research shows that laughter is not only good for the soul but is beneficial for health!

In honor of April being National Humor Month and to commemorate the passing of legendary comedian Don Rickles…

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What is happiness? Sometimes I wonder in my slumbers;

My father says it comes from within us, it should be an inner feeling of self-amplification.  it’s a choice, dependent on how we respond to stuff in our crazed life

My Mother says happiness comes from children. Warm, little, snuggly bodies that bring the world to its knees. With their eyes, even the mighty and toughest of beings snuggle.

My brother says happiness is bought; money, cars, and luxuries its combination. With them, you can have whatever you want.

My sister thinks it’s found in love. In their arms, you leave the world. And in synchrony your heartbeats signs to the gods. Their eyes a beaming light sending you dancing.

My bestie says happiness is found in the deepest of friendships. Those not bound by blood but hearts. In their presence, the world is a better place.

I know not the answer to this question. It’s hard to really understand this thing. Seems different people find it in different of places.

So I will merry my way in life. And if I find it good. But until then, I am happy in my own definitions.


Oooh! Baby I promised to stand by you through it all,

Promises made to be strong and find happiness,

yet now am falling apart, so gone and torn.

Though I know we really don’t get to live here long,

am so jealous you are in a better place,

flying and happy without me,

but baby please am not yet ready to let you go!

So with tears and a broken heart,

my hair uncombed my body showered not for days,

Nothing left but for me to sit here on our special couch


In my daze I can at least turn this around and  have you,

Oooh! Baby please kiss me till my lips are bruised,

lay with me tonight, baby let me rest in your arms.

hold my hand, walk me down the aisle,

let me dream of dreams once dreamt.

baby let me lock you one more time by the sea,

before your eyes wander away, baby let me see their light,

baby please for tonight let me be with  you!

In this darkness am now living in,

I see a light through the cracks on the door,

the smell of roses poisoning my nose,

of your bushes am hoping they have bloomed,

Oooh ! Baby send me an angel to help me pick some,

save me form  this sinking ship of mine,

Oooh! baby carry me from this ashes,

Just show me how  am  to live without you!




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Dreams are but castles built in the air if the ultimate goal is not attained

Show me the peace!

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In this life;

I have done it all there is to do.

I have been free yet caged,

I have been  powerful yet hopeless,

I have loved yet hated,

I have trusted yet betrayed,

I have fallen yet climbed,

In all terms, I have lived.

But what is living really?

With money I have bought cars and houses,

Friendships and laughter I have payed for,

I have had everything I ever dreamt to be

But  the soul a funny character to please!

Oooh! what a wasteland of life am  living

With a teary burdened heart I sink, walking.

My eyes roll up to heaven,  with uncertainty I pray!

Ooh! Dear Father of Heaven,

My Mother Says I should trust in you,

I have be broken and fallen into pieces,

My heart is weary and dying,

So please;

Show me now how to let the burdens go,

Show me now how to love again,

Show my heart how to dream of stars

Show me that the  valleys of tomorrow will be worth living for!

Oooh Lord, show me the peace!

Then on the cold bench your smile shine bright,

Hello! your words a song, my heart leaps,

Of all the peace on your face am puzzled,

What a good life you must have!

Swiftly you anchor yourself in my left,

with mistrust, yet amazement I let you stay

And, with little bits you showed me a better way.

With every kiss, you showed me kindness,

With every touch, you calmed my demons,

With soft whispers you taught me to forgive.

And My soul at last have found peace.

Ooooh! baby what you’ve done to me.




Through it all, I will stand

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Image result for watching sunset by the sea

I know my love,

We dreamed dreams of night and day,

With our greying hair and fading sight,

Sunrise and sunset we hoped to watch,

Oooh ! how our winkled hands we hope to twin.

But then, dreams dreamed sometimes never born

Life have played a tough tide on us,

Beautiful, youthful soul my dearest you have,

But then the body just mud have failed it challenge.

I have seen the pain in your eyes,

the hope gone but life reborn,

And though I may not understand your hate for doctors,

I understand your will to live,


So I will stand by you for always.

Greying forgotten we live for the moment,

Dreams re-dreamed with climbs of youth,

In perfect lovely eyes sunsets we will watch,

Young hands we twin in kissing.

And when our time comes for parting,

I will lock you in my arms by the sea,

Baby I will be jealous you are in a better place,

But then I will know our story was lived unconditionally.

So cry no more my lovely one,

Because I will stand by you through it all.








Flying on Roses

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Baby I know you want into my life. You say you found something in me that makes you fly. But you should understand a few things before you jump into this bus of mine. I just hope you will love me for me :^) !

Image result for rose thorn sting

You see!

In my world, things are always on a roller-coaster,

Sometimes am a rose and other times a thorn.

I know it hard to understand (think) , but I will try explaining.

Sometimes am flying on roses,

but then the effects wear off and I sting

In those days, I sit silently watching the sun grace,

In those moments, please let me just enjoy a read,

If you want to kiss and cuddle, please don’t,

In those days, touch repulses me, my skin love self.

So when am flying, 

Baby hold me tight and whisper lovingly into my ears,

Ooh! baby take up my shaking hands and guide me up the steps,

Please let me lay with you tonight,

Kiss me till my lips are blue,

Baby let me feel you there.

Because am gonna enjoy every single minute my love,

In your arms I will fly without wings,

And if at dawn I want you not.

Please don’t hate me for being me!

At-least for tonight, let our hearts together sing to the heavens



I just want a good boy this christmas

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I have been thinking what gift I want for Xmas this year.

In past days not so long gone,  chocolates, flowers, rings have anointed my table,

I have  loved and been loved, but still not truly loved.

Passions shared and adventures travelled,

Clouds I have climbed and laughter sang till dawn awakes,

But still with tears my soul feels empty. In a beautiful Xmas day loneliness haunts me.

Because this pretty little awesome bad boys never really stay!

If only the gods can send me a good boy this Christmas!

One who loves me JUST enough so I know his mine

In his arms held with care and warmth, sure that he will be there

With his kisses he will adore ME, drowning me in his sweet breath,

Real in his ways, with love that wants me for me.

In his soul mine will find a soulmate.

And then I will know this is Xmas!







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The strength of the mind is greater than our body’s might. A strong mind achieves the impossible. Because when the mind says I do, the body has no choice but to obey.



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It’s better to speak out your mind for always. You got nothing to loss, don’t mind what people say. You don’t play the same games they play. Let your life be your business, don’t care anymore. Just living